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Monday, June 11, 2007

Renaissance in Alaska

I'd expect sportsman's shows here. I'd expect hunting and fishing expos too. The Native Alaskan conference is in town, that's something I'd expect. But, a renaissance fair? When I found out that there was going to be a renaissance fair in Anchorage over the weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to go. I'd never been to one before. Kaylee was less than enthusiastic about being drug along, but we had a blast, and look forward to next year's show!

At the Three Barons Renaissance Fair (, there were jugglers, a life-sized chess game (complete with battles for the squares), singing, acting, and lots of fun. The food was overpriced, just as it is at any fair, but much more tasty than the typical hot dogs and cotton candy.

I can't pick the funnest part of the fair. I had a blast at the Circus of the Damned (a total parody on freak shows, with nothing truly freaky about it). We got another view of Homer's the Odyssey (a woman was the hero in this version). The pirates sang shantys and raunchy tunes at the Twisted Toad Tavern for the Baudy Tavern Show. We got to enjoy The Dating Game, renaissance style. Shakespeare's King Richard III has never been performed so badly, I'm sure of it (and, the tomato tossers in the audience agreed). Kaylee even got over her irritation at me dragging her along and said that she was going next year, but with friends. The tomato tossing won her over! Or, maybe it was the guys getting tomatoes poured over their heads by an audience member for their horrible acting!


Angie M. said...

Great picture of Ben! (i.e. the pirate)

Cristine said...

AAArghhhhh He did an AWESOME job on the dating game. It was HILARIOUS!

Angie M. said...

I haven't made it out in a few years to the 3BF so don't know what has changed. Ben is also one of the Rogues and Wenches which is a offset of the Crooked Toad Tavern. He's a great performer and has a great voice.

Did you make it to the naughty puppet show?

Cristine said...

Didn't see the naughty puppet show. We did see the puppet show for the Circus of the Damned, but it wasn't naughty. I look forward to going to this again next year. it was a blast.