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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

From the Stacks, Winter Reading Challenge

On my birthday, I decided that I needed to go ahead and make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish by my NEXT birthday (October 24, 2008). Reading more books was one of the things on that list. In an effort to actually accomplish this goal, I cruised the net looking for inspiration. I found it. I couldn't believe how many readers had blogs out there. And, from the amount of books they read, I am equally amazed they have any time to blog!

One blog I read mentioned a reading challenge called "From the Stacks Winter Reading Challenge." It goes from November 1st to January 30th. The premise is to read 5 books during that time frame that are already on my bookshelf, without going out and purchasing another book. Wow, what a concept! So, I'm joining that challenge. My actual final goal is to read 26 books this year, with authors whose last names range the full spectrum of the alphabet, A to Z. Starting with 5 books by January 30th will be the jumping off point where I'll begin.

I'm off to post my list! Happy Reading!


Angie M said...

Ahem - someone needs to update their blog!

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

I actually do most of my reading in the summer time while sitting in the air conditioning.
I clicked on the add for the visitor map that you have on your blog page. but I can't get it to work. How or where did you paste the code for it into your blog?

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

Nevermind I got it figured out. Thanks anyway