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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Memories So Far

I told Alex yesterday that almost all of my Alaska memories have him in them. It's true. I wonder how my view of Alaska and my experiences would have differed if I hadn't met him before I moved. The only time I haven't known him, or have him in my memories of my Alaska, is the time I came to visit in 2005. Our lives were very different then, and our paths would have never crossed had things not dramatically changed in both our lives.

I know I'd still live here, even if I hadn't met him. I'd be living in the condo in Anchorage. K would be going to school at East. I still would have gotten out and done winter activities to keep me busy. I probably would have started MEETinANCHORAGE much sooner. I'd still need a 12-step program for my berry picking addiction. I'd probably still be working at Hope. God forbid! I'd be dating. I probably wouldn't be dating exclusively, or just one person. I probably wouldn't be in a relationship. I'd probably be seeing more of Alaska on my own and following the nomadic nature and independent streak that brought me here in the first place.

I would still love Alaska just as much, but I would have really been missing out, and never have known it. I've experienced so much here with Alex, and have really grown and benefitted from having him and N in my life. I wonder sometimes if they know how appreciated and loved they are.

So, my Alaska memories, as they are, are filled with laughter, fun, love, beautiful views, wonderful experiences, and domestic bliss. Never thought that last one would be in there, but it's part of my Alaska, and an unexpected and wonderful part of my experiences here that I wouldn't trade for anything.

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