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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring in Alaska

So, this is spring in Alaska?

I'd been told when I moved here that spring was the ugliest time of year in Alaska. The snow melts, the streets and sidewalks get flooded with nasty, muddy slush, and it's generally miserable. This spring, I'm told, is not the "normal" spring in Alaska.

The snow melted gradually, and the water evaporated quickly to keep up with the thaw. The trash that lay beneath the snow all winter was exposed slowly, and cleaned up off of the downtown Anchorage streets as it appeared. I even saw someone sweeping the alley behind my jobsite today.

I went down to the inlet for a walk from work, and the flowers were already blooming and the trees were budding. The snow is almost entirely melted from every part of the city. The weather has been beautiful, in the mid fifties. I anticipate absolutely beautiful weather Sunday night when Alex and I have friends over for dinner.

Ok, so I still miss winter and look forward to it returning, but maybe this spring thing isn't so bad.

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