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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tick Tock of Time

April 9, 07
Kaylee couldn't sleep last night. The snow is melting off of the roof, water dripping onto the ground. The noise kept her awake. She wanted me to lay down with her and rub her back to help her fall asleep.

The sound of the water hitting the ground didn't sound like a "drip." Where did that even come from, that it "drips?" It sounded like a ticking clock. As melancholic as I am about winter passing, it just added to my feeling that I'm counting down time till there's no more snow. With each "tick" of the falling water droplets, I felt winter slipping away. The melancholy is slowly leaving though. I'm now looking for the buds on the trees that signal spring. We also "spring" cleaned the house yesterday, which got me thinking WHY there's such a frenzy to clean once the snow starts to melt and the days get longer. Is it an internal drive to clean the cave or den, to make way for the bounties of spring, summer and fall to come? I know when the ticking of the water stops, spring will be here. The countdown will be over, and I'll be starting another countdown, till winter comes again.

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